Energy Work



During each Reiki session, we will use music, crystals placed at chakra points and singing bowls used over or near the body.

30 Minute Session | $50
Reiki done from root to crown, focusing on core of the body

60 Minute Session | $80
Full body Reiki

90 Minute Session | $115
Full body Reiki, cleanse body with sage or palo santo and patch any auric holes

Distance Healing

Can be added to any treatment, however best when combined with Reiki. This is done in comfort of your own home where you can find a relaxed position. I connect with you and your energy distantly and provide distance reiki healing to ensure chakras continue to be balanced post hands on reiki session or other therapeutic treatments. *Usually done between 9 and 10pm, however, times can be adjusted per availability of client or practitioner.

5 x 15min. sessions | $20

7 x 15min. sessions | $30

10 x 15min. sessions | $45


Crystal Therapy + Aura Cleansing

Cleanses stagnant energy and removes energetic debris from your auric
field and body. While aligning the chakras we will, use music and crystals placed at chakra points, cleanse your aura with sage or palo santo, patch
any auric holes and reinforce auric field, use singing bowls over each
chakra and near the body to enhance chakra alignment.

30 minute session | $50