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By Vikki Nestico

Where we will practice finding health through mindfulness + Chinese medicine.

In my blogs to come there may be some terms that sound foreign. So I thought I would start by giving a quick overview of the basic theory of Chinese medicine and define a few of those terms.

To begin, as opposed to the western concept of medicine, which deals with treating illness and disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on the practice of achieving health and well being through the cultivation of harmony within our lives.

Harmony is achieved through balance + the unhindered movement of our QI. (Ah ha! this is where some of those terms start sneaking in!)

Balance in TCM is explained using the theory of YIN + YANG. The image represents harmony of all the opposite elements + forces that make up life. This theory is applied to everything affecting our health and well being; from our diet, exercise, and how we handle stress; to how we interact with our family, friends, community, and our environment.


When there is balance our QI, the vital energy in our body, flows freely. . . but when there is kink in the system the movement of our QI gets hindered which leads to pain and disease.

So what affects our Qi? Everything! Stress, diet, exercise, sleep, trauma to the body, trauma to the heart, the interactions we have, the emotions we harbor, our ability to see the positive (or lack of), the weather,  and the big one in my book . . . our ability to be flexible and let go of control when necessary.

In TCM treatment, we use acupuncture, herbal therapy, eastern philosophies on diet, exercise and meditation to bring us back to harmony.

This is just the beginning of the explanation. Come back to read more about Chinese medicine including acupuncture, herbal teas for medicinal purposes, healthy recipes, current medical research and mindful living.

Want help finding balance in your life? Call and make an appointment and see how restoring your QI dynamic can help with both physical and emotional symptoms.

Interested but not sure if this is right for you? Book a free consultation to talk one-on-one and see how acupuncture can help you.

Stay well — Vikki

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