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Embodied Self Healing

Through the eyes of Chinese Medicine, this class will help students understand how our mind, body and spirit are woven together and the importance of balance in all three aspects of our being for happiness and good health. We will dive deep into the profound impact our physical environment including weather, changing seasons, our food choices and aging cycles affect our daily life. We will explore where our personalities’ deep-seated drive comes from so that you may better understand and relate to yourself and others. You will end the class feeling empowered with tools and techniques to bring yourself and your relationships into balance, knowing how to destress, heal and find joy.

This will be a virtual Master Class held over Zoom.

About the class

Learning Takeaways:

  1. • Gain understanding of how mind/body/spirit weave together
  2. • Tools and techniques to bring your body into balance
  3. • Balance your physical environment (changing seasons/weather/food/aging cycles/ daily cycles/etc.)
  4. • Ability to bring your mind + spirit into balance
  5. Tools to bring yourself into balance within your social environment

Class dates and subjects

Nov 7: 10am – 1pm : Self Care

Nov 21: 11am – 1pm : Meditation

Dec 5: 11am – 1pm : Yin/Yang

Jan 9: 11am – 1pm : 5 elements

Jan 30: 11am – 1pm : 12 officials part 1

Feb 13: 11am – 1pm : 12 officials part 2


Weekly Discussions: Mondays, November 9, 2020 – February 22, 2021, 7pm – 8pm.

(No discussions between Dec 8 – Jan 3)

Facebook discussion group to dive deeper into integrating your learning into daily practice.

Cost: $280


Learn how to take control of your health!

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Meet the instructor


Self Care: A foundation


Meditation: Find your style


Let's Talk Yin & Yang


5 Elements: Finding Balance


12 officials: the threads of chinese medicine


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