Prep for Summer Solstice

By Leah Dreja

No matter your belief system or heritage, one common theme amongst many cultures from ancient Egypt to Scandinavia is the celebration of Summer Solstice. It may be our longest day of the year and the beginning of Cancer Season with the Tropic of Cancer directly overhead, but energetically and spiritually it is a powerful day to make use of, if you feel called to do so. This is where we transition from action and work put forth during spring into nourishment and ease. With the help of the sun, we honor the light within ourselves. We honor the light that shines brightly in our communities, as well as the communities we show allyship.

The biggest thing to remember about summer solstice is that it is a celebration, a bringing together of friends, family, and community. There are often festivals and specialty events during this time, so go explore! Give back, and support local.

  1. Summer Solstice is considered the maximum Yang energy. A perfect time to practice qigong. If new to the practice, schedule an appointment here in our office with Corey or Rachael to learn.
  2. Honor the four directions and the cyclical rhythm of nature. You can do this through candle work, crystals, or herbs/flowers.
  3. Old folklore used flowers to keep away unwanted spirits, so decorating your home, altar, or sacred space with flowers is recommended. Bringing the essence of solstice into your home allows space for that uplifting energy.
  4. Simply tending to your own flowers outside (if you have them) is a great option, as it’s also a wonderful day to spend in nature.
  5. Give an offering to Mother Earth such as flowers, fruit, or veggies. Literally go to your favorite spot in the woods and leave an orange or apple. It really is that simple.
  6. There are many deities associated with Summer Solstice depending on your beliefs and culture, give thanks to them and show gratitude. You may also call them in to help you with any celebrations or intention setting you do.
  7. With appropriate sun protection, spend some time in the warmth of the sun. It is cleansing and energizing.
  8. Summer solstice is often referred to as Midsummer depending on the culture/heritage. Five common Celtic sacred plants associated with it are St. John’s Wort, Vervain, Yarrow, Fern, and Mugwort. You can work with these herbs in many ways, including teas (which is my favorite way). However, if consuming any herb including tea, please make sure it is not contraindicated with any medication prescribed or OTC you may be taking.
  9. Watch the sun rise and set while sitting in silence, meditating, or expressing gratitude. A wonderful practice is stating three things you are grateful for to start and end your day.
  10. Have a bonfire! One of the oldest traditions and ways to celebrate this energy. Have friends and family over to celebrate (or not). Let the fire go out on its own and when done you can collect the ash to make black salt. This is used in rituals throughout the year and can be added to soil as a fertilizer for your garden.
  11. Set your intentions for the next 6 months and/or for the summer. Intentions are stated in present tense, as if it is already here. Write them down, speak them into existence, and then using fire safety protocol, burn the paper. Take the ashes and either dispose of them outside in a sacred space for the wind to take, or again, add them to your soil and watch your dreams literally grow.
  12. A great time to support local farmers/farmers markets to eat fresh fruit and veggies, while thanking the land from which they came.
  13. Dance, play, frolic!  As adults we lose our ability to play. Choose something fun to do outside. It doesn’t have to be complex. Skip, twirl, whatever. Get your kids together to play a lawn game or have a scavenger hunt (something also connected to solstice).
  14. Music is a large part of summer solstice celebrations, so bring your tunes outside with you.
  15. Water! Get in or be near water. This is the start of Cancer season after all. Water helps to cleanse our energy and wash away unwanted energetic debris. It also helps soothe our own emotions. Visit Lake Michigan or take a cleansing salt bath.

Enjoy this beautiful time of the year!



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