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We want you to create a lifelong practice, so this service is great for various levels of experience. You can be completely new to qigong or a well-practiced student. Our therapists specialize in supporting your goals and needs using mindful movements, still postures, meditation, and breathing techniques.

4 benefits of a 1:1 qigong session

Not getting what you want out of a group qigong class? Every person is unique, so what you need or want from certain poses can differ. We want to ensure you are practicing movement that is benefitting you and not putting you at risk of injury. Already have an injury? Our practitioners can help you find movement to help you get back on your feet.

The energy that flows within each of us can become blocked, imbalanced, or disrupted. This can be caused due to poor diet, injury, aging, illness, or environmental toxins. Our practitioners will provide you with techniques that you can take home to help balance and release any physical, emotional, or mental blocks. Focusing on your muscles and tendons, we can open your channels to help make your body feel brand new again.

While qigong has benefits for the body and mind, a group setting may increase stress. This therapy works to decrease stress, so let’s not reverse all that work! Our focus is to bring peacefulness into the heart of the student.

Qigong involves repetition of simple poses, activations, and flows to help strengthen muscles and build new ones you didn’t have before. This can result in improved fitness and a strong foundation for other forms of exercise. The unique poses in qigong will help cultivate balance, flexibility, and alignment.


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How does the practitioner know what I want to work on?

Great question! Once you schedule your appointment, there will be a new patient 1:1 Movement Therapy intake form for you to complete. After completion, the practitioner will review and create a plan for the appointment prior to arrival.

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